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  • TOP CAREER Asia Pacific 2015

    Thank you for your interest to TOP CAREER Asian Pacific(=TCAP)!
    This is our 3rd year to hold this career event with an ambition to provide job opportunities in Japan for students in SE Asia, East Asia, and Australia.
    We have been proudly supporting career search of hundreds of students around the world each year.
    Prior registration for TOP CAREER is required to participate in TCAP.
    Take this opportunity to challenge yourself for your future career abroad!

  • TOP CAREER US 2015

    Participate in TOP CAREER US, a recruiting event where leading companies recruit Japanese students and Japanese speaking students graduating from universities in the US! Register now! *Information of participating companies will be updated regularly to registered students.


  • TOP CAREER Japan to Global [ Indonesia ]

    This is an employment website exclusively for the Indonesians
    who has either study abroad or work experience in Japan.
    If you would like to challenge yourself at a Japanese company
    in Indonesia, sign up here.
    Career counseling with TOP CAREER consultants is also available.


  • Exclusive Networking Event

    Participate in a TOP CAREER exclusive networking event to engage with people from leading companies!
    A great opportunity to meet with people from various industries with different backgrounds.
    Ask them about their work, daily lives, how they chose their current jobs, and simply, come to meet the great people!
    *Number of participants may be limited due to venue capacity.

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