TOP CAREER Asia Pacific 2017

TOP CAREER Asia Pacific is a recruiting event where global companies hire students studying at universities all over Asia Pacific.

This year's application closed

This year's participating companies

Last year's participating companies

* This year's participating companies will be updated in summer 2017.


Process Details

Process Contents
Registration/Applying to the event
Please fill out the necessary fields on the TOP CAREER International website to sign up.
Document screening
We will screen your application based on your CV and Video CV.
Regarding the language of the Video CV, many of the companies attending the event are looking for people who can speak Japanese so if you are studying Japanese please use Japanese in your video.
※1:Please see the Q&A for the content of the Video CV.
Preliminary consultation/screening
Those who pass the document screening will have a skype consultation session with a TOP CAREER consultant. We will ask about why you want to work in Japan, what type of job you want to do and your past experiences. Please take some time to think about answers to these questions before you have the consultation.
Invitation to the fair
Company interviews for those who passed the preliminary consultation will be decided based on the applicants wishes and the needs of employers. TOP CAREER will contact you regarding the interview times in advance.
Flight tickets/Accommodation booking
We will support some of the expenses for flights and accommodation for those whose interviews are confirmed and are invited to Singapore. *Please see here for detail. Please note that you are expected to book your flights and accommodation yourself.
On the day of the event
We will hold the event for 2 days. The first day will be for round one interviews and the second day will be for the round two interviews. We will hold company information sessions at the beginning of the first day.



Day 1

28/Oct/2017(Sat)Information Sessions & Interviews

  • Information sessions
  • 1st Interview
  • Announcement of interview results & Arrangement of 2nd Interview
Day 2


  • Only those who pass the Day 1 interview may proceed to this step.

Time and Place


October 28th and 29th, 2017

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


  • Those who will graduate/expected to graduate from Asia/Pacific universities before March 31, 2019
  • Bachelor degree or above
  • All majors welcome

Language Requirements

  • Either of the following:
  • Japanese skills at a daily conversation level or above
  • English skills at a business level or above

Travel Arrangements

  • Invitees make their own travel arrangements to Singapore, including travel insurance, flight, accommodation and visa (if required)
  • Travel expenses to Singapore will be supported by TOP CARRER International and the amount will depend on the student's port of departure. The support fee will be paid in cash at the end of the event.

Participant Voices

大学名:ダルマ プルサダ大学

実はTCAPが私には人生初の合同面接会だったのです。緊張したり、どの業界に勤めればいいのか、色々なことで迷ってました。自分はどこまで出来るかまたは自分はこの先どんな仕事に付けるのか絶対迷ってると思いますが、TCAPでは我々は一人ではない。TCAPの方々は一人一人のキャンディデートを大切にして、一人一人のお話を聞いてくれたからこそ、我々の話を形にしてくれたので、無事に航空会社に内々定いただきました。 是非緊張せずに面接を頑張っていただきたいと思います!:)

どんな会社に受けるかにもよりますが、日本敬語は意識せずに自分自身の意見や思ったことをうまく話せるため、面接前に色々な方と相談した方が、「自分がこういう風に見られてるんだ」とか 「こういう風に聞かれたら、こういう風に対応した方がいいですね」とかはなんとなく自分の中に形になると思います。あとは面接されるときの表情も重要だと思います。笑顔で対応した方が先方も嬉しいし、非常に良い雰囲気の面接になれると思います。是非皆様も全力で就活頑張ってください!
名前: E.W




Question Answer
How many people are expected to attend? Around 200-250 students in total are scheduled to attend.
When is the application deadline? October 6th, 2017.
We screen applicants at anytime so please apply early on. You might miss a chance to interview with the company you desire if your application is late.
Could you tell me more about the self-promotion videos? (Video CV) Please take a video and answer the question "The biggest accomplishment in your life" and upload it on My Page.
What is the required Japanese level? The Japanese level required for each company varies but generally speaking, around business level Japanese approximately JLPT N3 or higher.
Are all the work locations in Japan? It depends on the company but most are based in Japan.
What type of companies will be attending the event? Last year 17 major Japanese companies attended the event, of which the details can be found online, and in general there will be companies from a wide range of industries, Eg. financial companies, trading companies, airline companies, machine manufacturers, telecommunications manufacturers, real estate developers and companies from the service sectors.
What type and how many companies will attend this year? Around 25 companies are scheduled to attend. Companies from a wide range of industries are scheduled to attend, with many being major Japanese companies including trading companies, financial companies, manufacturers, IT communications, service companies.
When will I know which companies are attending? We will announce them from July onwards.
Can I apply even if I have graduated or have work experience? Yes, you can apply.
When will invitees be confirmed? Around the beginning of October, 3 weeks before the event.
Will the interview be in Japanese? If the companies have Japanese as one of their requirements, the interview is going to be in Japanese.
When will I receive an offer? It depends on the company, but some companies give out offers on the 2nd day of the event (10/29). There are also companies with final interview in Japan and the company gives an offer then. (In this case, the company will pay for your flights)
Do I have to attend both days of the event? Only those who have passed the interviews on the first day are required to attend on the 2nd day as well.

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