Yahoo Japan Corporation

Type of business
Information (telecommunications/media)
Work Country
Work Location
HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Offices: Osaka, Nagoya, etc. Offices are barrier free, friendly to wheelchair users. If the applicant is living outside of commutable area, applicant must be able to move to a commutable area before joining the company.

Corporate Data

To solve the problems of people and society with information technology. This is the mission of "Problem-Solving Engine "Yahoo.

Yahoo is the largest internet service in Japan, operating Yahoo! JAPAN, with about 50 million monthly users. Since the establishment in 1996, we have been growing by solving the problems of our customers and society, under the slogan, "User First", and also concentrated at PC internet at the dawn of internet.

The establishment of the new utility form of the internet provided wider range of problem-solving possibility in various situations. We will continue to contribute as "Problem-Solving Engine" by providing an environment where it is possible to work with a sense of speed and fun.

January 31, 1996
Stock Exchange Listings
The First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (listed on October 28, 2003)
Tokyo, Japan
853.7 Billion (Yen) (1/4/2016~31/3/2017)

Job Opportunities

Job Description
By utilizing world-leading multi-big data of Yahoo! JAPAN, challenge yourself to create a more solid and more flexible platform which could also solve the issues in Japan.

■ Data Platform Area
Develop and operate data platform of Yahoo! JAPAN.
· [Data platform engineer] Be responsible for development and operation of a platform application which supports data utilization process
· [DevOps Engineer] Be responsible for middleware operation and improve the operation process of Hadoop, Kafka, Storm, Cassandara, Presto, MySQL, Oracle, Teradata, etc.
· [Middleware development engineer] Be responsible for development of OSS middleware such as Hadoop, Kafka, Storm, Cassandara, Presto

■ Science Area
Be responsible for system building, modeling, and data analysis in order to fully utilize multi-big data of Yahoo! JAPAN.
· [Construction of data utilization system] In charge of system building for the purpose of delivering the best contents to users.
· [Machine learning] Build a model by machine learning which is designed to find the best pattern of mail distribution system from enormous log data.
· [Information Searching] Build a search engine on OSS basis which is used for Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Auction and advertisement distribution.
· [Natural Language Processing · Multimedia Processing] Apply The latest technologies of natural language processing and multimedia processing into tools and services
· [Large-Scale Data Processing] By using Hadoop, Spark and so on to build a large-scale data processing system to handle enormous log data.

■ Data Service Area
Be responsible for creating a system or mechanism to help promoting the usage and also the utilization for multi-big data of Yahoo! JAPAN.
· [Front-end engineer] Be responsible for front-end development of a system which visualize, analyze and manage data
· [Data Warehouse Engineer] Combines data from different sources to build an environment which enable to analyze user's behavior in a relatively free way of thinking.
· [Data Architect] Be responsible for designing data management to handle data effectively and safely
· [Data Business] Be responsible for creating a mechanism to promote the utilization of data and spread it not only internal but also throughout Japan
· [Analyst] In addition to analyzing data, develop analysis methods and education for the entire company
Job Category
【Big Data Engineer】
Career Path
Careers for Engineers
We are creating an environment where you can build up your career with your own strength and skills and experience you want to get involved. For example, [Job Chain], which is system you could apply for job reshuffles and [1on1 meeting] which is a weekly meeting held with your supervisor for more frequent communication.
Also, we are creating a so-called [black belt] system which could allow talent employees to pursue a career as technical specialist. While the path to pursue a management career is also possible.
HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Offices: Osaka, Nagoya, etc.
Offices are barrier free, friendly to wheelchair users.
If the applicant is living outside of commutable area, applicant must be able to move to a commutable area before joining the company.
Provides various leaves original to Yahoo! JAPAN so that time can be allocated for input and relaxation, and work can consequently be done efficiently.
Substitute Public Holiday: If a public holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday will be a special substitute holiday. (If the Friday is also a public holiday, the preceding day will be the substitute holiday.)
Annual Paid Leaves: Paid leaves are given from the starting date of work. (Number of days differ by starting month of work.)
Subsequently, annual paid leaves will be given according to years of service.
Paid leaves may be taken on a half day basis.
Accumulated Paid Leaves Employees can accumulate their expired annual paid leaves as "accumulated paid leaves" as a provision for accidents, sickness or nursing of family members, etc. (Maximum 30 days)
Special Paid Leaves: Besides annual paid leaves, workers can take the following paid leaves:-
wedding leave, child birth leave for prospective fathers, wedding leave for parents, maternity leave, leave to nurse sick children, nursing care leave, funeral leave
Problem Solving Leave: "Problem solving is fun!" is the core value of Yahoo! JAPAN.
As a problem solving engine, employees are encouraged to contribute to the society by solving somebody's problems in their spare time, such as through volunteer works. A maximum of 3 days leave is provided in a year for this purpose.
Since many of the volunteer works are held on weekends/holidays, if the employee participates in a volunteer work on weekend/holiday, this leave can be alternatively acquired on a weekday.
Academic Leave of Absence As part of a career building measure, a leave of absence is provided in order to intensively acquire specialized knowledge or language out of everyday duties.
This leave is provided to permanent employees with more than 3 consecutive years of service and is provided for a maximum of 2 years.
Sabbatical System: A leave provided so that the employee will further develop given the opportunity to reconsider his/her career, experience and way of working.
This leave is provided to permanent employees with more than 10 consecutive years of service and is provided for a 2 to 3 months period.

Yahoo! JAPAN will partially provide grants during the leave.
Others Shorter working hour system for childcare, support system for nursing care, etc.

Various incentives (profit incentive/KPI reward/super star reward/stock option based on commitment to performance goals/ black belt one time payment, etc.)
Language Skills
English: Business Level
Japanese:Conversation Level(around JLPT N3 level)
■ Data platform area
· [Data Platform Engineer] 3+ years of experience on development and operation applications related to SoE.
· [DevOps Engineer] Experience on middleware operation, operation automation tools (Chef, Ansible etc.), and orchestration on infrastructure layer by using container and/or public cloud API
· [Middleware development engineer] Experience on contribution to OSS and middleware development by using Java and/or C C ++

■ Science area
· [Construction of data utilization system] Experience on development of data processing system by using C ++ and/or Java
· [Machine learning] Experience on research of machine learning theory and/or development of application system
· [Information Searching] R&D experience on information searching system
· [Natural Language Processing · Multimedia Processing] R&D experience on natural language processing / multimedia processing
· [Large-Scale Data Processing] Experience on system development by using a large-scale data processing system
Selection Process
1. CV & Screening
2. 1-2 time(s)Skype interview
3. Final Skype or interview in Japan
Additional Information
The environment where the engineers work
 Windows / Mac operating systems can be selected based on your preferences.
 The development team will be formed with a team of about 5 to 15 project members consist of directors, designers, etc.
 In order to increase the time that engineers focus on the development work, the time of desk and administrative work is minimized.
 Development styles vary depending on the service, but agile development is the main, and there are many teams that adopt Scrum as development method. Source code is shared with Github Enterprise. In-house developed chat-based communication tools are used internally, and it is an environment where you can exchange information easily on-line with other team's engineers.
 We will develop old services and modernize the legacy features to a modern system.
 The office is a free address. The desks are arranged in a zigzag way, it is an innovative office that makes it easy to communicate face-to-face. Chairs are also prepared in the surroundings that you can concentrate on your work.
 We have established a system that supports flexible ways of working such as systems where you can work at any location outside of the company.
 Flexi-hours system is implemented. The core working time will be 10 o'clock to 15 o'clock which means you are able to early and participate in study meetings and events outside of the company.
 In order to deliver more products that are worthwhile to users, CI / CD is emphasized as a means to improve development efficiency. We are attempting to maximize the use of automation system. One of the examples of automation system is an environment where you can build a server with just one click on the in-house system.
 The user's movements on the service and changes in sales are all visualized, so you are able to see any member in real time with low latency. Users' feedbacks are being referred regularly and utilized for service development.


Application Deadline
Open until filled
Interview Location

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