Clouds Inc.

Type of business
- System integration group
・Entrusted development (from big size cases to small-medium size cases)
・In-house Package OEM
- Platform group
・Maintenance of server
・Maintenance of software after delivery
Work Country
Work Location
Akihabara headquarter

Corporate Data

With the mission statement “always being capable of building a system and being a consultant”, they are creating the society more fun and convenient using technology as a weapon.
The name “clouds” comes from the concept that it freely changes its form like a cloud, with thoughts that are not based on the stereotypes, and with the desire that our company would to make users and clients always feel excited.
It’s no exaggeration to say that yesterday’s common knowledge is already an old knowledge today. The change is drastic, these days it is already very hard to reach a conclusion from past experiences.
However, they always challenge to achieve something new, and with flexible innovative power, they always satisfy the request from our clients.

Company vision: “make the world more fun and convenient”
Characteristics and strength:
there is an environment where you can always study in general from design, build-in, to maintenance and operation.
At a person’s desire, it is possible to get in charge of projects.

Facebook Page:

Stock Exchange Listings
Akihabara, TOKYO

Job Opportunities

Job Description
Short term – development
Middle term – arrange requests and negotiation with Japanese clients + management of team members.
Long term – planning and development of in-house services

[Example of projects]
◇ Web application development
* Corporate site, EC site, entertainment type application, homepage of public office etc.
They are dealing with projects from various genre.
◇ Development of smartphone application
Job Category
System Engineer
Akihabara headquarter
About 4-5 million yen a year (monthly salary + performance based bonus)
Transportation fee – fully paid
Insurance – employment insurance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance, workmen’s compensation insurance
Welfare – social insurance, rental allowance (those who are below 30 years old and fulfills company’s conditions), support for acquisition of a qualification
Language Skills
Japanese – Daily conversation (N3 or above)
English – Above Business level
Experience of an engineer for more than 3 years (if you studied by yourself, we will evaluate according to the output such as Github)
Those who has experience in using Python, Ruby, iOS, Android are welcomed.

Selection Process
Document screening → Technical interview → Interview with CEO


Interview Location
at Akihabara headquarter or by skype

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