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Fukuoka or Tokyo

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【What is WELMO?】
It is a social-venture startup company that mainly focuses on solving social problems by leveraging the power of capitalism and technology.
It was established by engineers who had worked at large IT companies and wanted to put their skills to work for the greater good.

With the aging of Japan’s population, the budget for social welfare continues to grow.
WELMO aims to help all the people working in the field of elderly care find the information they need. Since this is fundamentally an “analog” industry, the most important thing is person to person communication.

Now, WELMO is recruiting associates who share our passion to:
1. Raise the level of information utilization in the field of social welfare
2. Enable those working in elder care to access the information they need
3. Shine a spotlight on social welfare workers and companies to give them the recognition they deserve

To achieve our goals of user-oriented elderly care, we are expanding the following two services:
1. Milmo series: Platforms to facilitate visibility for currently off-line information held by social welfare institutions
2. Care Plan Automation (CPA): Applying artificial intelligence and information from welfare institutions to make care plans for elder care

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Job Opportunities

Job Description
Improvement of current Milmo system and development of next Milmo system and AI system.

- Design and develop server side system of web application using Java, Python, Ruby.

- Design and develop WEB UI

- Develop smartphone & Tablet application and server side system

- Design and develop image storage system, and large data process.

- Research using Artificial Intelligence.
Job Category
1. Web Application engineer
2. Smartphone & Tablet engineer
3. R&D engineer
※Position is decided based upon your abilities.
Fukuoka or Tokyo
3,000,000 yen~ 4,000,000 yen per year
1. Work from home (Negotiable)

2. The environment you can work side by side with top engineers who have received awards from the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence.
Also, through collaboration with laboratories of Tokyo University and the National Institute of Informatics, you can expect to improve your technical proficiency.
Bachelors of Science

※R&D engineer requires Master of Science.
Experience of research in Artificial Intelligence in CS is needed.
Language Skills
Japanese: Daily conversation level (Except R&D engineer)
English: Daily conversation level
Having at least one of the experiences below is required:
・Web application server-side programming
・Use of KVS such as MySQL, RDBMS and MongoDB
・Development of a smartphone or tablet application
・Research and development in the field of computer science, mathematics or statistics (Only required for R&D engineer)
Selection Process
*Only those who pass each step will be informed of the result.


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