Mercari, Inc.

Type of business
IT Services
Work Country
United Kingdom
Work Location
London, United Kingdom

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Corporate Data

Join the first and only tech unicorn in Japan!

Mercari’s mission is to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell. Today, we proudly count over 75 million downloads of the Mercari app worldwide, making us one of the most downloaded apps in Japan.

We have always been committed to our goal of expanding overseas, and within a year and half of the Mercari app launch, we started our service in the US. With the recent release of the app in the UK, the majority of our product team is working on the global expansion of our service.

Mercari’s culture allows you to continually demonstrate a high level of professionalism, do everything possible to succeed, and to think and act boldly.

Our core values are simple:
• “Go Bold”: Aim for innovation and creative destruction that impacts the world.
• “All for One”: As team, collectively and cooperatively work towards a unified goal.
• “Be Professional”: Use your talent and expertise to the fullest potential; take ownership, and be willing to enhance your skills and abilities through work.

We still have to increase our presence in each region, targeting not only North America and Europe, but countries in Asia and Africa as well. Once we have established ourselves in many regions, our next hurdle will be crossborder transactions. At that point, we will need to tackle global logistics and payments, as well as create our own automated translation system using natural language processing.

We strive to bring our vision to reality. We are continuously looking for young talent to spearhead the development of our marketplace app and global expansion of our services.

Mercari is seeking software engineers and changemakers to join the Tokyo headquarters. If you’re looking for a job where you will be challenged, encouraged to revamp your skills with new technology, grow professionally, and collaborate with a team of extremely capable engineers, developers, and business managers: this job is for you.

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■UK Site

■Japan Site

Feburary 1st, 2013
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6118, Japan

Job Opportunities

Job Description
Permanent Full-time, 3 month probation period

• Develop and manage native mobile application for iOS and Android
• Create web applications using Go/PHP
• Build scalable backend systems to sustain Mercari’s heavy API traffic using Go, C, Lua, etc
• Operate Mercari’s database with terabytes of data
• Research, conceive and develop new applications to extend Mercari's product using modern technology such as Machine Learning, IoT, etc
• Ensure product quality by writing automated E2E tests for mobile applications
Job Category
Career Path
As a Software Engineer, you will contribute to Mercari’s business expansion through the development and enhancement of new app features/services as well as by introducing new technology to help us work more efficiently.

Our company structure is not very hierarchical. There are generally two possible career paths (positions) for Mercari’s software engineers:

-Engineering Manager: Takes part in strategic decision-making, development of the team and its engineers, and improves company structure and systems
-Principal Engineer: Builds technical expertise in software engineering, and uses this knowledge to strengthen Mercari’s technological impact and vision, both internally and externally
London, United Kingdom
Depends on experience (Flexible)
Language Skills
Business to Native English
Minimum Qualifications:

•More than 2 years of working experience
• Experience with Unix/Linux or Mac environments, distributed systems, machine learning, information retrieval and TCP/IP
• Experience in programming using C, C++, Java, Python, Go and/or PHP
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field
• Ability to communicate in English is a must; Japanese is not required
• Must currently be living or working in the UK.

Our ideal candidate is…
・Prepared to overcome difficult challenges and learn from mistakes
・Proactive and able to think independently for the good of the team
・Able to go bold and take ownership of projects
Selection Process
CV Screening → Programming Test → Skype Interview with Top Career → Assignment submission → Interview
Additional Information
Mercari in the news:
• Wall Street Journal: Japan’s Mercari Brings Its Bazaar App to the U.S.

• Tech Crunch (2016): Marketplace app Mercari nabs $75M to become Japan’s first startup unicorn

• Tech Crunch (2017): Mercari hires John Lagerling from Facebook’s management team to guide its U.S. strategy

• Tech in Asia: Japan’s hottest unicorn Mercari is charging into the US

• Business Insider: Shopping app Mercari becomes first Japanese unicorn


Application Deadline
November 20, 2017
Interview Location
London, United Kingdom

This year's recruitment has been closed.

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