Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation

Type of business
IT Services, Consulting
Work Country
Work Location
Tokyo HQ, Japan

Corporate Data

Since its founding in November 2007, our company develops consulting business that acquires top students and young people from the world to governments, business, and universities under the idea of "solving social problems through business". About 30 to 40 countries around the world are set as the stage of business, and the number of users of our own brand TOP CAREER ( has grown to more than 200,000 people.

We have been engaged in business orientated on ‘Global to Japan’ model, but we started to utilize the power of the Internet to create new service to directly connect new services to enterprises, research institutes, universities, and people. With these services available, our company has finally started to challenge Global to Global business development.

26 November, 2007
Stock Exchange Listings
7th Akiyama Building 6F, 5-3 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 102-0083

Job Opportunities

Job Description
Fourth Valley Concierge is looking for intelligent, creative, and self-motivated people to help build an amazing company. Our mission is to expand the mobility of human resources worldwide, aiming at the world anyone can work and study anywhere they want.

We are putting together research and development team to build a platform enabling nextgeneration AI-First businesses.
Ideal candidates have excellent software engineering skills, good communication skills and are willing to tackle any task to solve any problem. This role requires working in a team composed of business planning, marketing, and operation people who actually run the existing service.

We want you to join us because you are passionate about:

• Exploring the wide variety of contexts and situations in which ML can be applied;
• Fundamental research in machine learning;
• Exploring the wide variety of contexts and situations in which ML can be applied;
• Using and discovering the best tools to build working prototypes of AI services;
• Coding high-quality production code and continuously learning the best practices to turn research into delightful products;
• Staying up-to-date on the scientific literature in your field, and even contributing to it by publishing in famous journals and conferences.
Job Category
Research Engineer
Tokyo HQ, Japan
Decision based on experience, ability, and performance potential.
Your salary will be determined after the interview, and a reference annual salary as follows:
5 million yen - 6.5 million JPY /year
Transportation expenses
Social Insurance
Public holiday, New Year holiday, Paid holiday(dependent on the date to join), Summer holiday, Condolence holiday
*Public holidays according to each country
We want you to join us because you have:
• MSc in computer science, statistics, neuroscience, engineering, mathematics, or physics
• Solid understanding of foundational statistics concepts and ML algorithms: linear/logistic regression, random forest, boosting, GBM, NNs, etc.
• Strong software engineering background
• Experienced in Python programming plus knowledge of at least one statically-typed programming language, C++ preferably
• Able to take initiative, doesn't require constant supervision, very organized and methodological in his/her approach
• Quick learner, willing to work on areas outside of core expertise
Language Skills
• Business Level English
(Japanese not required)
• MSc in computer science, statistics, neuroscience, engineering, mathematics, or physics

Preferred Qualifications:
• A Ph.D or M.Sc. in machine learning or a quantitative field and at least 2 years of industrial R&D experience;
• Experience with advanced ML models and concepts: HMMs, CRFs, MRFs, deep learning, regularization etc.
• Ability to access, manage, transfer, integrate and analyze complex datasets, especially using SQL
• Fluency with Unix/Linux systems
• Experience with cloud computing platforms such as GCP
• Experience with BI, data visualization tools such as Tableau, D3.js
• Experience with GPU usage
Selection Process
CV screening
3 rounds-interviews(Online)


Application Deadline
December 11,2017
Interview Location

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