Type of business
Design / Manufacturing / Trading in Automotive components
Work Country
Work Location
Tokyo, or Headquarter in Kariya (Aichi Prefecture)

This year's recruitment has been closed.

Corporate Data

DENSO is a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for major automakers. We are committed to making the world a better place through our world-first products and technologies.

As technology continues to push the boundaries of what's possible,
the DENSO Information and Safety System Business Group ensures these advancements help everyone move more freely by ultimately harmonizing people, vehicles, and society.
By combining and integrating cutting-edge technologies, we help drivers feel safe, secure, and comfortably focused.
The result is a synchronous harmony that moves people's hearts like never before.

Stock Exchange Listings
40.4 billion USD in annual revenue

Job Opportunities

Job Description
Plan, develop and operate cloud/data sensor system to support car connectivity for future mobility

1. Responsible for building IoT platform applicable to Automated driving /Connectivity/Smart mobility service
2. Plan, development and operation of system utilizing IoT platform
3. Engage in strategy planning, coordination and consulting by gathering information from business units, developers and clients
Job Category
Software Developer
Tokyo, or Headquarter in Kariya (Aichi Prefecture)
From 4 million to 10 million Japanese Yen/annual
(higher compensation will be provided based on skills and experience and is negotiable).
■Commuting allowance, retirement payment system
■ Selective Welfare System (DENSO Cafeteria Plan)
■ System: Housing Fund Lending, Property Savings, Shareholding System, Various Social Insurance, etc.
■ Facilities: Dormitory(in Headquarter), company housing(in Tokyo), recreation center, training center, D-square (employee club), various cultural sports facilities, etc.
■ Benefits Supplement:
Family allowance: 1st dependent supporter 19,500 yen, 2 and 3 dependents 3,500 yen, 4th and after 2,000 yen
※ Since 2001 DENSO introduced a selective benefit welfare system, which realizes a support system tailored to each employee's taste.
Language Skills
English (Business Level and above)
*** Candidates based in Singapore, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam are welcome to apply.

・Experience with planning, design, architecture, development and operation of cloud-based application system
・Project management experience
・Familiarity with OSS and public cloud
・Basic understanding as to middleware such as database and application environment
・Strong interpersonal communication skills to collaborate and coordinnate with internal stakeholders and external clients not familiar with IT
・Some experience with design, architecture, development and operation of cloud service system for external clients
・Strong interpersonal communication skills to collaborate, coordinnate and negotiate with foreign vendors and OSS communities
・Verbal and written presentation skills in variety of occations
・Basic understanding in regards with Business & Management & Planning (MBA is not necessary)
・Strong leadership skills to control diverse people and technology towards solving problems and creating new values for Denso
・Skills to create business out of seeds: existing human and technical resources at Denso
Selection Process
1. CV Screening - *Only those who pass this step will be contacted
2. Skype Screening with TOP CAREER Consultant
3. 1st interview in Singapore
4. Web Test
5. Interview in Japan or by Skype


Application Deadline
February 16th, 2018
Interview Location
Onsite interview in Singapore on February 24th (Sat) and followed by final interview in Japan or by Skype.

This year's recruitment has been closed.

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