Career Consulting

TOP CAREER’s vast experience and resources have successfully supported and matched many job seekers and mid-career professionals with overseas job opportunities at international companies.

Our database has reached more than 100,000 global members who make use of the TOP CAREER platform. With our proven track record in various industries including IT, finance, consulting, trading, and manufacturing, we have provided our professional service to our members in a range of overseas employment opportunities. We continuously strive to support and maximize your potential to widen your career path globally.

Career Support

Feel free to contact us if you need any advice on career topics including:

  • What is the screening and selection process of Japanese companies?
  • What is the working culture and career progression like in Japanese companies?
  • How do I proceed if I want to look for a job overseas? What are the necessary processes or steps?
  • What kind of job can I apply for with my university major?
  • How can I find a job back in my own country after graduating from an overseas university?

We offer a wide range of consultation, whether you are seeking a change of job or a chance to work abroad. After letting us know your concerns or interests, our consultant will support you in every way we can.

In addition, you may also browse through resources related to working abroad under the “Knowledge” section of our website. TOP CAREER International’s Facebook page provides the latest updates on overseas job opportunities.

* As there are a large number of applicants seeking career counseling, it may take some time to respond to requests for consultation.
* All conversations between you and our consultant will be treated with high confidentiality. We do not share any information with external parties.
* We do not allow any form of recording during our conversation.

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